Scholarship Program

Deloycheet, Inc. (DI) provides funding opportunities to support Deloycheet shareholders who are enrolled in a degree/training program. Please read the “Scholarship Policy and Procedure” of this application, for procedures, eligibility, descriptions and qualifications. The number of scholarship awards is subject to applicant eligibility, qualifications and available funding. Applications are due each semester, however, continuing applicants can select "no change" in information if applicable.

Basic Scholarship Award Amounts

1. Associates or Vocational Scholarship
$1000 per semester

2. Undergraduate Part-time Scholarship
$1000 per semester

3. Undergraduate Full-time or Graduate Part-time Scholarship
$2000 per semester

4. Graduate Full-time Scholarship
$3000 per semester

Deloycheet Scholarship Deadlines:

Fall Deadline: May 15th

Spring Deadline: November 15th

Summer Deadline: March 15th

*Scholarship deadlines are the same time every year.

Download the Deloycheet Scholarship Policy (PDF)

Download the Deloycheet Scholarship Application (PDF)



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