Holy Cross Oil, Inc

Holy Cross Oil

Holy Cross Oil, Inc. is a subsidiary of Deloycheet, Inc. and provides fuel and related services to the community of Holy Cross and users of the Yukon River. Our strategic focus is to ensure safe and efficient operations. We will also focus on shareholder opportunities through direct shareholder hire for the local positions.

Holy Cross Oil

Alaska Monster Moose Transporters, LLC

Alaska Monster Moose Transporters (AMMT) LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deloycheet, Inc. an Alaska Native Village Corporation. Alaska Monster Moose Transporters will offer Clients transportation services to a self-guided and drop off hunt. We will be the first to welcome Clients to 139,000 acres of privately owned prime Alaskan land over populated with moose. Clients will be able to enjoy our beautiful, majestic land for the hunt of a life time. AMMT is affordable, professional, experienced, licensed and insured. We plan to welcome clients in September, 2016.

AMMT, LLC hires shareholders and descendants in Holy Cross seasonally. AMMT will have an opportunity to manage/patrol our lands, and distribute any game meat to families that is donated by our hunting camp. Our shareholders combined have hundreds of years’ experience navigating our land and waterways as well as hunting in the area. AMMT will hire shareholders to transport and work for us in our camp and as we renovate our Deloycheet building in Holy Cross. AMMT can serve Clients while taking care of our land and properly take care of our moose. AMMT is a responsible company and will be responsible and safe with the environment and animals. In the future we can participate in environmental restoration that will continue to attract moose to our area for years to come.