2016 Deloycheet Board Election Results

The results of the 43rd Deloycheet, Incorporated Annual Shareholders’ Meeting held on October 7, 2016 at the Holy Cross Community Hall include the re-election of three incumbent directors Alfred Demientieff, Jr., Rebecca Demientieff and Kathy Chase. Please congratulate the new Deloycheet directors! Thanks for everyone who came to the meeting!

Official Election Results (Download PDF)

Door Prize Winners (Download PDF)

Alaska Monster Moose Transporters, LLC

Introducing Alaska Monster Moose Transporters

The Board of Directors created a strategic plan in December, 2015. Our goal has always been the same, make a profit and share it through dividends, scholarships and jobs for our shareholders. We have made a decision to invest in ourselves and start our own business in an area that we know in great detail and are passionate about. Deloycheet, Inc. would like to introduce you to Alaska Monster Moose Transporters, phase one of three towards building a successful tourism business. We will begin with the fall season activities and it will surround creating a transporter hunting business where clients will purchase their own hunting license for any game eligible to be hunted in Unit 21E. It will be our job to transport them.

With this new business, we will not only be able to hire our shareholders in Holy Cross seasonally, but we will have an opportunity to manage/patrol our lands, and distribute any game meat to families or other shareholders outside Holy Cross (you pay freight).  Our shareholders combined have hundreds of years’ experience navigating our land and waterways as well as hunting in the area. We will hire shareholders to transport and work for us in our AMMT camp and as we renovate our Deloycheet building in Holy Cross to lodge Clients. We can serve Clients while taking care of our land and properly take care of our moose. We are a responsible company and will be responsible and safe with the environment and animals. Following is a description of our new business.

Alaska Monster Moose Transporters (AMMT) LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deloycheet, Inc. an Alaska Native Village Corporation. Alaska Monster Moose Transporters will offer Clients transportation services to a self-guided and drop off hunt. We will be the first to welcome Clients to 139,000 acres of privately owned prime Alaskan land over populated with moose. Clients will be able to enjoy our beautiful, majestic land for the hunt of a life time. AMMT is affordable, professional, experienced, licensed and insured. We plan to welcome clients in September, 2016. See the web site www.alaskamonstermoose.com for more information. 

Deloycheet Board Member, Ronnie Dementieff and AMMT Project Manager, Darin Yates holding a monster moose rack.


Deloycheet Board Election Application & Meeting Notice


Deloycheet Incorporated Annual Meeting:

Date: October 7, 2016 @ 1:00 PM

Place: Community Hall @ Holy Cross, AK 

Deloycheet Incorporated is accepting nominations for three (3) seats on the Board of Directors with three (3) year terms expiring in 2019. 

Board of Directors terms expiring in 2016 includes Kathy W. Chase, Alfred Demientieff and Rebecca Demientieff.



Nomination forms are available for download at www.deloycheet.com or can be requested from the Anchorage and Holy Cross offices. 

The Anchorage office can be contacted at (907) 375-1900 or located at our office: 2900 Boniface Parkway, Suite 210, Anchorage, AK 99504


Thank you,

Deloycheet Incorporated Staff



Board Election Notice for Annual Meeting 2016 (PDF)

Board of Directors Application for Election (PDF)

*If you would like a Word document for these please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Public Notice: Regarding Land Management

The Board of Directors of Deloycheet, Inc. met on April 1, 2016. We took the following action regarding Land Management:

1)Updated Ground Lease Agreement Terms 

2)New Camp Site Permit Policy and Procedure

3)Directive for General Manager to put a new lease and/or permit in place for all shareholders occupying space on Deloycheet, Inc. lands. Or that wish to occupy space on Deloycheet, Inc. lands.

Every shareholder on Deloycheet, Inc. Land will be contacted to 1) update residential lease, 2) update commercial/business lease and/or 3) to create new lease or permit. 

Thank you in advance for working with us, as we work to improve the land management processes at Deloycheet, Inc. This is long overdue and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

4-28-2016 Public Notice (Download in PDF)